You’ve given everything to your career. Now it’s time to invest in yourself with a little

Self Compassion Project.

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You’re in the right place if you are looking for…

• Relationship building or healing (professional or personal).
• Getting to know your physician spirit or personality, strengths or core values.
• Wanting to achieve a self-determined goal that you have not dedicated the time to pursue.
• Exploring feelings related to poor patient outcomes or lawsuits.
• The opportunity to use thought work to achieve fitness/health goals.
• Career transition assistance (residency to attending, ascension in career, transition out of medicine).

If you’re reading this, you might be burned out. Suffering from COVID fatigue. Wondering when your life will be “normal” again. Or just plain tired of putting off your own self-care. 

Guess what?! You don’t have to be burned out or focused on everyone but yourself anymore. Coaching can help you place your feelings and create successful habits for your future.

When you practice self-compassion, you can address common themes that lead to burnout in a physician’s life. Conquer imposter syndrome. Heal from prior traumas related to training or toxic work environments. Improve your thought processes relating to emotional intelligence and personal/professional relationships.

Hi! I’m Corinna Muller, DO

I even went as far as dedicating 6 months of my life to figuring it all out. Yep, training myself about how to be of service to my colleagues in medicine by becoming a Certified Physician Development Coach through the Physician Coaching Institute in Seattle, WA. Months of analyzing what keeps physicians up at night and coaching people just like you. Learning how to address these issues and coach people to successfully reach their self-determined goals by learning about their core values and applying thought work to achieving goals.

Speaking of your “Future-Self,” where will you be a year from now if nothing changes?

Consider the Self-Compassion Project as CME for the physician soul!

About the Program

How long is the program?

 6-months with 24 modules for learning about how you can achieve success with your self-determined goals. Twelve modules are self-study and pre-recorded, and 12 modules (2 per month) are open group coaching sessions on the topics associated with the pre-recorded modules. The first introduction session will begin the week of 9/14/2020 with time TBA.

How many people are in a group cohort?

LadyDOx aims to keep each group to a 10-person maximum. Confidentiality contracts are signed, and personal interview is performed prior to admission to the program to ensure the client is the right fit for the group.

What is the coaching format?

The Self-Compassion Project is a group coaching pathway that will be based virtually via Zoom. Clients will be invited to Zoom meetings via email and group coaching sessions will last 1.5 hours. Homework assignments (modules) will be available in the private member website for review, and two per month will be assigned. Digital journal pages, workbook pages and other prompts will be available on the private member website. We will also have an option for extra participation with the Marco Polo app to communicate with other group members about homework, thought work and coaching topics/tips.

How can we communicate with our coach throughout the program?

There is a private member chat option on the LadyDOx website for clients to ask questions (either anonymously or identified). Questions will be answered within 72 hours of client posting. Additional private 1:1 coaching can be purchased with the platinum Self-Compassion Project pathway add-on options. Recordings of all group coaching calls will be available in the password-protected LadyDOx coaching cohort site as well if you are not able to make a live Zoom group coaching call.

 How much does the Self-
Compassion Project coaching pathway cost?

The cost for the 6-month Self-Compassion Project pathway is $6,000* Additional add-on 1:1 coaching sessions with Corinna are priced at $250 per 30 minute session for SCP members and are available upon client request with the Acuity scheduling app. Non-SCP clients are charged $400/hour for 1:1 coaching sessions with Corinna. *Prices are subject to change without notice regarding future coaching programs.